About Us

Sam & Changeina MasangIn 1982, I, Sam Masang, and my wife Changeina established Palau Equipment Company Inc. Together with our five children, we have made what PECI is today. At the same time, I also ran for and was elected as a Senator to the Republic of Palau. I have finished my term as Senator and am currently a full-time business man, taking care of the entire network of companies under PECI.

The first service provided by PECI was supplying LP Gas, and PECI is proud to be the first to bring LP Gas to the island of Palau. Since then, we have expanded our services to cover a wide variety to services for the benefit of the people of Palau.

We have enjoyed serving Palau and we hope that you have enjoyed our services. We look forward to continue serving you with our unique services for the years to come.

Sam & Chenchina Masang