Island Car Rental

Now you have a choice when it comes to car rental. PECI is happy to introduce Island Car Rental. We make sure that you enjoy the freedom of driving yourself around, knowing that you are safe and comfortable at the same time.

Vehicles Available:

American Vehicles (Left hand drive)
Nissan Sentra $60
Nissan Altima $65
Hyundai Tucson $70
Japanese Vehicles (Right hand drive)
Honda Roadcross $65
Toyota RAV4 $65
El Grand (Van) $85

Room & Car Promo

In partnership with S&C Hotel Suites & Apartment, Island Car Rental is offering package deals that include a room and a vehicle at great low prices. View our packages below.

  Package Type Rate
1. Single Room + Sentra $140 / day
2. Single Room + Altima $145 / day
3. Single Room + Tucson $150 / day
4. Single Room + Honda $145 / day
5. Double Room + Sentra $165 / day
6. Double Room + Altima $170 / day
7. Double Room + Tucson $175 / day
Note: Collision Insurance is already included in the package and is mandatory.

Reserve your vehicle today by contacting us or visiting us at the PECI building in Malakal.

Island Car Rental
P.O. Box 962
Koror, Palau 96940

Corporate Office: (680) 488-1536/7704
Mobile: 779-0723
Airport: (680) 587-8881

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El Grand Van
Honda Roadcross
Nissan Altima
Nissan Sentra
Hyundai Tucson
Toyota Rav4
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